Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Cell-Phone Safety Standards Make No Sense

The criteria for safety in the wireless industry is based on the SAR rating (specific absorption rate). It is a unit of measure based on absorption of energy per second (watts) per unit of body mass (kilograms). Frequency levels and power density of a device determine the SAR of a particular device; different levels of power result in different absorption rates. The current SAR in the cell phone industry is 1.6 W/kg and some cell phones rate higher than this. They have found DNA damage at rates as low as 0.001 W/kg

The problem lies in the fact that a SAR is taken from the absorption of one cubic gram of tissue, but not all of our bodies tissues absorb radiation at the same amount. Brain tissue, breast tissue, the eyes, salivary glands, thyroid tissue and the prostate all absorb radiation much faster than other parts of the body. So the question is what part of the body was the measurement taken on? What body mass did the industry use to come up with these standards?


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