Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation / The Cell Phone Debate

So how do we know that all of these things are really effecting our health? (See previous post) Other than through speculation and the claims of people who have this new disease, Electro-hyper sensitivity, how do we know? There have been many studies done on the biological effects of electromagnetic fields on cell cultures and on animals.

David de Pomerai reported an increase in molecular stress response in cells after exposure to radio frequencies at a SAR of 0.001 W/kg. The current allowable SAR in the U.S. is 1.6 W/kg. The cell stress response is a normal biological effect common in animals and humans that occurs when cells are under attack.

Dr. S.K. Dutta reported and increase in calcium efflux in cells after exposure to radio frequencies at 0.005 W/kg. Calcium is an important component in normal cellular functions.

These two research studies were documented in the book, 'Cell Towers: Wireless Convenience? Or Environmental Hazard?' and they were documented in this book in a paper written by Dr. Henry Lai.

Dr. Henry Lai and his research partner, N.P. Singh, observed DNA strand breaks in rats at after being exposed to electromagnetic fields similar to those used by cell phones. Dr. Lai was quoted as saying, "They are asking me to change my whole interpretation of the findings in a way that would make them more favorable to the mobile phone industry. This is what happened in the tobacco industry. They had data in their hands, but when it was not favorable they did not want to disclose it."
This quote came from Carleigh Cooper's book, 'Cell Phones and the Dark Deception.'

It took over one hundred years for the tobacco industry to gather enough scientific evidence to put warning labels on cigarette packs.

It is important to remember the human body is electrical in nature and operates on electrical impulses. These impulses are influenced by the frequencies surrounding us. From what I understand about the frequencies in nature, they are mostly random and this is what we are used to. There are certain frequencies in nature that our bodies love to be bathed in and some we cannot live without. The frequencies coming off of radio transmitters and wireless devices are constant and cause serious cell responses as we see them as an attack on our system.

It is not hard to find information on this subject once you know where to look. Here are some names you can research for yourself: Dr. Henry Lai, Dr. Neil Cherry, Dr. George Carlos, Dr. Ross Adey, Dr. Robert Kane and Clas Tegenfeld are just some of the few.

Maybe next time I will explain why the SAR makes absolutely no sense and a new developement on radiation sheilding.

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