Monday, December 7, 2009

Are Cell Phones Getting a Bad Rap in the Brain Cancer Debate?

Are cell-phones getting and unfair rap when it comes to brain cancer? The fact is, we have moved too quickly into the wireless age without the proper testing on any of the modern conveniences we are so dependant on. Cordless phones, baby monitors, cell-phones, cell-phone towers and wi-fi are all putting out electro magnetic radiation. Now add to this list all of the electrical devices in our homes that are putting out electro magnetic fields. Now include the electrical fields being put out by all of the wiring in our homes and there is virtually no escape from any of it.

We are being exposed to over a million times the amount of radiation today as we were 30 years ago. It is now being called the newest toxin; electro-pollution. In Europe it is being called electro-smog and there is a new disease on the rise called Electro-hyper Sensitivity. At least three percent of the population can feel a significant physiological change when they are exposed to even the slightest increase in EMFs. The rest of us are silently being effected.

Electro magnetic radiation has been linked to brain cancer, breast cancer, ADD, ADHD, Autism, fatigue, depression and a long list of other ailments that have been recently chalked up as merely pre-mature aging. Why are children getting brain tumors at an alarming rate? Why is thyroid disease on the rise? Why are younger and younger women getting breast cancer? As our exposure rate to the radiation in our environment has increased the prevalence of these diseases has increased.

I worked in an office years ago where I sat in front of a computer all day and had all of the equipment in my office for our day to day tasks. I was in and out of doctors offices constantly for strange ailments that I could not explain. Brain fog, sudden short term memory loss episodes, feelings of blacking out, extreme fatigue too the point where I could not make it home in the afternoons without pulling over to rest half way home. I had a 45 minute to an hour drive home which is not a long commute in metro Atlanta. I did get my blood sugar under control which helped a lot with my afternoon fatigue but this did not cure the thyroid imbalance I developed or the memory loss episodes or sudden fainting spells I had while I was driving. Years after I left that office I realized my office sat directly on top of all the electrical boxes, computer routers, all of the wiring coming in the building and the motor room for our dialysis unit. With all the research and reading I have done on my own on the effects of electro magnetic radiation on our bodies I cannot convince myself this was a coincidence. I still have a thyroid nodule, which has gone down in the last few months, but my memory lapses are gone and the strange brain fog is gone.

This was also about the time in my life that I started using a cell-phone, but cell-phones are only part of the equation. There is so much emphasis on cell-phone use and brain cancer because you are putting your phone directly to your head. Keep in mind that a cell-phone works on a frequency on the lower end of the microwave spectrum. Also, keep in mind, there are no pain receptors on your brain tissue so by the time you feel your ear or the side of your head getting hot you should wonder what has happened to the cells in your brain. But cell-phones are only part of the picture and cancer is a long term end result to a lot different things. The only way to test this cancer effect is by accurate long term studies. By the time the long term studies are done most of the heavy cell-phone users will have brain tumors. There was no pre-market testing done on cell-phones before they came to the market and now we are virtually dependent on them.

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  1. Wow, I never thought of how many ways we are exposed to radiation!! Very scary.