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The Link Between Wireless Radiation and Breast Cancer

If you are standing in a parking garage or behind the walls of your house using your cell phone, it is safe to say the signal is penetrating the walls. And if it is strong enough to penetrate concrete a cell phone signal can easily penetrate the delicate tissues of our bodies. The signal coming from your cell phone is known as sub-thermal radiation; radiation that is not strong enough to heat surfaces. It is the same type of energy used by a microwave oven, but on a lower frequency. When cell phones were introduced to the market, the assumption was if the radiation was not strong enough to heat the tissues of our bodies, the radiation could not harm us.

Scientists have known the dangers of microwave radiation since the 1950s (microwave ovens were originally banned in Russia because they were deemed too dangerous) and there were studies done in the 1970s on the effects of frequencies on brain cells. The result of this study gave us what is known today as the Adey Window or Biological Window. This window represents a range of frequencies between 3 to 25hz to which our bodies react in a favorable way. Outside of this window brain cells either have no significant reaction or they react in a negative way.

Each cell in your body has a receptor that detects frequencies. Our bodies naturally react to frequencies and actually love to bathe in frequencies that fall within our biological window. Cell-to-cell communication is vital to our overall health. When our cells are damaged this cellular communication breaks down.

We are surrounded by electromagnetic frequencies in nature. Everything in the universe works by means of electromagnetic frequencies down to the very cells of our bodies. The earth is surrounded by a magnetic field which protects us from the harmful solar rays of the sun and our bodies are surrounded by an energy field called the bio-field. Your bio-field permeates about a foot from your body and is a result of the accumulation of all the electrical systems within our bodies. The name, bio-field, was named by the National Institutes of Health in 1994. Your bio-field is as important to your health as your heart is to your circulatory system and your lungs are to your respiratory system. It is your first line of defense against any external stressors.

The problem lies with the man-made frequencies with which we are being bombarded. It is not so different from the man-made or synthetic hormones we are hearing so much about. Information carrying radio waves (ICRW) put out by devices such as cell-phones are seen as toxins to our cells and according to Sherrill Sellman, N.D., radiation from electro magnetic frequencies can resemble environmental pollutants that actually mimic hormones. EMRs are considered endocrine disruptors because of their ability to act on our receptors.

We are involuntarily being exposed to 100 million times the amount of radiation in our environment today than we were exposed to in the 1970s. Even if you choose to not carry a cell phone, you are being exposed to the radiation emitted from cell phone towers or from your neighbor’s wi-fi or from the wi-fi at your local coffee shop. Remember that your lap-top computer is communicating with your wireless router, which uses microwaves to send signals. The base station of your cordless phone is virtually a mini cell phone tower sending out a signal all the time.

Sub-thermal electro magnetic radiation is now being considered one of the worst environmental health hazards to which humans have been exposed. It is now being called Electro-pollution and has given rise to a new illness called Electro-hyper Sensitivity. Electro-pollution is being linked to pre-mature aging and a long list of diseases, including Breast Cancer.

As endocrine disruptors EMFs interfere with several hormones. One important hormone is Melatonin which is secreted by the pineal gland. Melatonin regulates sleep cycles, is a very important anti-oxidant and free radical scavenger, and it inhibits the bodies release of estrogen. This is very important because seventy-five percent of breast cancers are estrogen receptor positive. Melatonin is also used to ease the side effects of chemo-therapy, has been proven to stop breast cancer cells from growing and also improves thyroid function. Not only does exposure to EMF radiation affect melatonin, a cancer fighting hormone, but it has also been known to wipe out the effectiveness of the cancer drug, Tamoxifen. This was reported in a presentation given by Sherrill Sellman, N.D., an audio recording can be found at

Another interesting fact she gave about melatonin is that it suppresses sexual development. Young girls are developing earlier and earlier and they are being exposed to more radiation than ever. It is now considered common for young girls to start puberty as young as eight years old.

According to Susan Lark, M.D., from an article in Women’s Wellness Today, as our cells are exposed to toxins, they go into a lock-down mode causing cell hardening and disrupting cellular communication. When cell hardening takes place the cell loses its ability to self cool and also to let nutrients in and toxins out. As a result, free radicals accumulate inside our cells, leading to a decline in cellular energy and pre-mature aging takes place. This is called a cellular stress response and is a normal reaction when our cells are exposed to toxins. Eventually it can lead to DNA damage and cancer mutations.

Luckily, there are solutions. After the Chernobyl accident in 1986, thousands of people were exposed to dangerous levels of radiation. It was a sad moment in history, but it brought to light a lot of research on the dangers of radiation. After the meltdown, people were sent into camps in the surrounding mountain regions. One of the groups did not appear to be suffering from any side effects so the Russian government sent scientists in to find out why. They concluded it was the water they were drinking which appeared to have a different molecular structure. Dr. Igor Smirnov, M.S., Ph.D., spent eight years trying to duplicate the water structure found in this mountain region. He received the U.S. patent in February of 2000 for his MRET (molecular resonance effect technology) water system which transforms the molecular structure of water non-chemically. MRET water is considered bio-available, meaning it closely resembles our intracellular water and there is a long list of health benefits from drinking this water.

A study involving 500 transgenic mice was conducted to determine if MRET water was effective against cancerous cell growth. A transgenic mouse is one that can be induced to develop human diseases; in this case it was Ehrlich’s Ascites Tumor and Sarcoma. The mice were inoculated with tumor cells. One group was given distilled water while the other two groups received MRET distilled water activated for different lengths of time. By the end of the experiment all the mice in the control group given distilled water were riddled and swollen with tumors while the mice from the other groups receiving MRET water showed no apparent swelling from tumors. There was a 76% reduction in tumor cells in the group receiving MRET water two weeks before and three weeks after the tumors were induced. There was a 55% reduction in the group receiving MRET water three weeks after the tumors were induced. More information on this can be found in the book, “Molecular Resonance Effect Technology: The Dynamic Effects on Human Physiology,” by Dr. Howard Fisher, B.Sc., B.Ed., D.C. and Dr. Igor Smirnov, M.S., Ph.D.

Along with the discovery of MRET for activating water, Dr. Smirnov developed the MRET-Shield polymer device, which has been proven to counteract the effects of radiation. The MRET shield device generates a low frequency electromagnetic wave that superimposes itself over damaging electromagnetic radiation waves, thus rendering them harmless to humans, animals and plants. The discovery of MRET might turn out to be one of the greatest discoveries of the century. The problem is that it is being stifled by skeptics and corporations who say there is no radiation problem. We are having flash backs to the cigarette companies who denied any problem until the government had to step in and put labels on cigarette packs.

Although we are in a sense “addicted” to our wireless technology, in this case there are ways to protect ourselves. Bio-pro Technology, an energy design company that formally launched in 2005, holds the patent rights to MRET and has coupled it with their proprietary ERT (energy resonance technology) bringing themselves to the forefront as the only company with proven solutions. Bio-pro offers a line of protection and wellness products aimed specifically at the growing problem of electro-pollution. It is offered in a three tiered health regiment designed to stop the toxin, repair your body and restore your health. All of their ingestible vitamins are powered by ERT and their newly improved Vita-tonic Plus offers and ORAC (oxygen radical absorption capacity) value of over 50,000. They are the only company in the world to offer protection for our homes and offices from radiation with their Universal Chips powered by MRET and ERT.

We are headed into this wireless age whether we like it or not, but we need to proceed with knowledge of the effects wireless technology is having our long term health. Today, most people do not go in the sun without protection and we certainly take precautions for our children when it comes to protecting them from the sun. Why are we walking around with un-protected cell-phones? Why do we have un-protected wireless routers and cordless phones in our homes?

The independent studies have convinced me there is a problem. I choose to not wait and see and take a back seat to my health. I am not waiting for more studies to tell me it is safe. There are issues, there are solutions and all of the Bio-pro team members are determined to help as many people as we can in taking back control of their own health.

(This article was originally written for the winter 09 ezine 'Kougar magazine')

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